28 December 2005

Revelation not Resolution, Watchnight 2005

Watch Night services have long been an important part of African American worship. When President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all the slaves in the Confederate States, it was to become law on January 1, 1863. On December 31, 1862, the night before it was to become law, African Americans gathered together in their churches and homes all over the USA, waiting for their freedom to arrive at midnight.

It's a little before New Year's Eve, and as I reflect on the resolutions of last year I have to thank God for every blessing he answered without a word. Everything that I ever needed in 2005 he has supplied.

Last year I learned of the significance of the "Watchnight Service." When I did, I was surprised to believe how connected African American folks are to this phenomenon, without knowing it's origin. It took on a new meaning for me, and thus doing so, I look at the day a little different.

See, last year, while waiting for the year to turn from 2004 to 2005, I had experienced a time of financial instability. I had nothing, and I gave all I had that night in the spirit of the freedom that I would receive in 2005. Well, no shorter than the first Sunday in January, the day after New Year's Day, was I blessed with a scholarship to finish my tenure at school. Leaving me with enough money in refunds to finance the rest of my year without a hitch. Blessings came, cause I believed not in the resolution that I made for me, but, in the revelation that God would bring for me in 2005. He did not intend that I be with financial hardship in 2005.

Well, I am looking towards 2006, our father has already out did himself in 2005 with his revelations for my life. All I had to do was claim it, even the impossible, and if it was his will, then it was mine.

This years "Watch Night" will be no different than last years. I am going in the church knowing that I will be released from 2005's bondage and given freedom to live in God's will in 2006. He hasn't stopped amazing me, so why should I quit praising.

January 1, starts a new year and I will be christening it in a new city, with a new experience about to happen. I have no resolutions for 2006, cause everything that I have been trying to resolve is being fixed in order of it's need. I don't need to resolve that I am going to be healthy, it comes with the job description. I am not going to resolve to find a job after graduation, cause it's already been supplied. I am not going to resolve that I find love, cause I have it, and romantic or not, it fills my cup.

This Watchnight or Freedom's Eve, what will be your revelation from God?

The one thing that you should have a resolution about is your relationship with the father, then you can receive his 2006 revelation and you will not be spiritually, emotionally, or financially bankrupt.


22 December 2005

Appreciate the Struggle

I just want to say to anyone out there that reads this, " you will come to appreciate the goal when the struggle becomes a goal to live without." I haven't processed that yet, but I know that it will hold validity when I look at it later.

A quote taken from my first real post as a blogger.

When I started my blog I wanted to chronicle the ups and downs of my last 18 credits to graduation. Never did I think that when I started on this road that I would meet so many fabulous people and that my life was destined for the things that have recently transpired.

For those of you who haven't noticed I haven't blogged since right around the Thanksgiving Holiday. As soon as the holiday was over my schedule went in to overdrive and the destination was very evident, graduation against all odds.

Up until the holiday, I wasn't doing very well in my German class. I got sidetracked by the demanding schedule of Events Planner for the SGA. But, with much luck and prayer I bounced back, yet I still had a lot to concentrate on, so it was hard for me to get a blog line in.

Well, update, I have now completed 12 of my last 18 successfully and to my chagrin, the GOD that I serve has continued to show me his unmerited favor.

See, while home for Thanksgiving, I decided to take a leap of faith. Knowing that I would be graduating in little over six months, I wanted to find a way to secure employment for myself. So, I sent an email to the casting company of THREE MO'TENORS. I was told that I should audition by one of the music directors, so I felt that I needed to be proactive, although he said that he would recommend me for an audition in NYC in December.

No later than Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday was I sent an email, requesting that I attend a casting call and audition on the Dec. 7, with a possible call back on the 8th.

So, I had audition and extensive call back, by which the producers were very pleased with my performance. I was told that I would be getting a call, but I never anticipated that I would get the offer of a lifetime for a graduating senior in a Music Performance Major.

Ladies and Gentleman, as of Jan. 2, I will be returning to NYC to start rehearsals for a tour of THREE MO' TENORS, while taking my last 6 credits as an independent studies student.

I can truly say that I appreciate the struggle, cause my goal was to rid myself of the struggle. My way of getting there was in the arms of the GOD.

I finally know what the quote means, and I fully accept the gift of grace that god has allowed for me.

I would like to add, that while I type this entry I am in tears, because I never thought that this would happen to me. I believed in my heart that I would have to struggle harder to transition from Student to Professional.

I appreciate the struggle, because it's there that I find the strength to endure all that will come next.


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