10 September 2007

My Song Is For You!!!

I should have known that Donny Hathaway was previous to your generation, and to use a song by him to try to tell you how I felt may have been a little wrong. I truly believe what the words:

"I've been so many places in my life and time/I've sung alot of songs/ made some bad rhyme/ I've acted out my life on stages with ten thousand people watching./ Now we are alone and I'm singing this song for you."
"I love you in a place where theres no space or time/ I love you for my life your a Friend of mine./ When my life is over, just remember when we were together/ we were alone and I was singing this song to you.

No words could better describe how I feel about you. Even in verses of the song that I never understood, listening to it has made me realize that when I count who really matters the most in life and love that you are the one that stands out.

I have given you nothing but my extreme best, and all I asked was that you listen and respond accordingly. But while I am away I am an afterthought to you. Yes, that hurts. I was hoping for a wonderful day of excitement seeing you, it turned into a night of lecture to you. I wanted to show you love, you showed me that you hadn't thought of me at all.

I guess Indie Aire said it best when she penned: "These eyes/ never saw you leaving/ this heart is in need of some healing/ our love is the greatest story ever told/ and that's the way the story goes./ Truth is/ every relationship is a lesson/ I saw it coming but it hurts anyway./ Am I the reason your so angry?/ Are you the reason I'm so passive?/ Truth is/ even though it hurts so bad I have to walk a way from you.

I have shared what I see to be my last kiss with you. You have not matured to a place where you can recieve love. My favorite poem talks about love unreturned. You say you are not where I am, but, you are you just make excuses for wanting to be scared of something as natural as breathing.

So until you learn how to BREATHE. I am walking away!!!

But Know that I Do Love You.
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