25 September 2005

Coming Of Age

Lord, as I continue to emerge,
let nothing I do this year
be without your guidance and blessing.

I have gone against your will a bit
at the age of Twenty-seven.
It is my desire to make you fully proud
at the age of Twenty-eight.

Let this moment now, be a testimony
for all the world to see,
that although the doctors had given up
These last couple of years you have blessed me.

Enhance my ability to give my very best.
May all I come in contact with
receive and be called blessed.

Oh, Lord, this is the time
I have made up in my mind
I with you, will be just fine.

Twenty-eight, I greet you
in the name of the
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Make me Lord, what you will
in this year, show yourself to others
as you have done before.

I pray to receive what is necessary
and whatever you give more.

I'd like a companion in my life
you've already supplied him for me.

Lord, what ever you see fit
I remove my hands
I'll let you lead

So this poem
that is off the cuff
is how I feel
as I walk the rough
precipitous road
you have laid for me.

Grant it Lord,
if you please.

This poem is written, prematurely, in honor of my Twenty-eighth birthday.
I usually don't have folks clamoring to celebrate with me. I usually have to force folks to acknowledge it. I know where I came from, and how God reversed the curse that the devil had for me. I am happy this year. I have all that I need, and the good Lord makes some of my wants a necessity.

For those of you that care, my Birthday is on September 27, @ approximately 4:00pm.

I am only expecting some people that are in the immediate circle to call, that is all I expect. I have three meetings and a concert to plan, so who knows if I will even get out to take in the world.

What ever the celebration is, I am looking forward to what God promised, that the doctors didn't.

For those of you that are feeling like I have low self esteem, I don't. I am just recalling all that I have been through in the last couple of years. I have done my introspective look every year since high school. This year is no different. I am usually in an extreme thought process about this time of year. But, I am really as strong in self esteem and self worth as the next man.

As for love in my life, it exists, although it seems that it's unidirectional. I know that I am loved by someone, it's just not being conveyed the way I have been taught to understand it.

Baby boi, it's all yours. You know who you are.

Iight, the tears that will flow from time to time are here.

I will tell you guys how it all went, hopefully, on Wednesday.

Until then,

Carry on, someone has to hold down the fort.

The former Twenty-seven year old Kenny.

16 September 2005

I Wont Complain

I have some good days
I have some hills to climb
I've had some weary days
I've had some sleepless nights

But when I look around
and think things over
All of my good days
outweigh my bad days

I won't complain.

I have to give props to God for being who he is.
There is so much that has been revealed to me within the last couple of weeks, all I can do is either cry or thank GOD.

Every appointment that he has made for me has been as a set up, for something greater.

The position at school is going to be a task, not only did I expect for things to have been well planned before me, I also hoped that I would only have to add a few touches. Hell nah, try starting from scratch.

We had some B2S activities this week and they were poorly publicized, definately something to get on with the next group of events.

I have been in my position for the last two weeks. In these two weeks I had hoped to get settled in my office so that I could meet with key people to help me to arrange my events for the semester and start planning next semester. Obviously, the SGA President hasn't done her thing yet, cause I am still waiting for the darn keys, but to requote the title of this entry "I won't complain," here is why:

I find it absolutely flattering and honoring that I would be selected to serve as part of a counsel to where the average person on the board is at most 10 years my junior.

I also find it funny that although I have been thrust into this position the people that have watched me work in other capacities are acting as if I am about to get brand new, as if they don't already know that I have a great deal of control of what needs to be done.

I also find it interesting that I haven't really been able to do my job, cause they were doing so well without me that thirty other people other than me know what I should know, and believe me I have been in meetings all week.

Those of you that know prayer, pray that the YOUTH that I am working with gets a grip on what it is to labor for your institution, so that they might instill pride.

Also pray that as they look to me for guidance that I can do it in a humble and serving manner.

Today we met with the President of the University. It was a good meeting, I guess they weren't prepared for me to really speak my mind. But I asked a good question; it was posed to the staff that had served as student leaders during their matriculation, in the 70's, I asked them to give pointers for leadership through the eras, since our times being different what distinguishes a Morgan Leader.

It was after that meeting that the Assistant VP for Student Affairs, commented to me that she is very proud of me, and hopes that I can help a student governing body that has long forgot how to ask for guidance in leadership.

I have a heavy task on my shoulders. It is larger than planning and executing events. It is deeply rooted in maintaining pride at all costs.

08 September 2005

Lets Git Lifted

I guess after listening to John Legend all summer, I should have believed that I would Get Lifted. Am I getting high? Nah, I am just literally been given the oppourtunity to do many great things this year.

Some of you might remember that I stated in a previous post that I was auditioning for LION KING. Right, after talking about it so much in my first posts in June, I was given the oppourtunity to be apart of a concert with the touring company.

Well, Sunday was the last day for them to be here in Baltimore. I was so close to them as they were here I became apart of the family. Here are a few pics, the ones I feel best describe my new friendships.

In other news, as I was attending my university's first football game (Yes, Gay men can go to the game!), I kept hearing folks saying "Congratulations Kenny!" I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about until the president of our SGA came and spoke to me and said "What are you doing this semester?" I was a little taken a back by this system of questioning until she said, "We would like you to accept our offer of Umoja Council Director for SGA!"

Ah, hell nah, they did not come and congratulate me on a position I hadn't even accepted yet. None the less that was the tenor of the evening.

Well, on Tuesday September 7, 2005 at approximatley 4pm, I was officially appointed the Umoja Council Director for the Morgan State University Student Government Association. My duties include but are not limited to:

Planning the Student Homecoming Activities ie: Concert, Pep Rally, Block Show, Pool Party, Back to School Events, I Love Morgan Events and other things too numerous to mention.

I will be doing all that while holding positions as follows: Rainbow Soul - Secretary, Sinfonia - Treasurer, Programs and Services Director, Mr & Miss Morgan Coronation and Pageant Director.

Whew! I am tired just typing it all out. I am very glad that I have learned what effective leadership is this summer. I think it has prepared me to delegate what I know I cannot do myself.

So with that being said, I have to start listening to the artists that I am contracting for Homecoming Concert. I am hoping to make it live in the place.

So "BEAR" with me if I only post 2 times a week until November. But I will keep you abreast of all my progress.

P.S. I am doing all this holding down 5 classes with 7 credit hours (Damn my major classes being 1 credit), and trying to maintain or boost a 2.97 GPA.

Ya'll Pray! Look out for the Press Releases, and I am outtie!


Thank you to those that have awaited a post from me. I think that it is special to still have some folks out there that really care about what is going on in my life.

When I started this process, I never visioned that as I unfolded my life to people that I would become so connected to so many folks on here for one reason or another.

I thank all of the regulars that called, just to see what was going on with a brother.


The reason that the news flash is given is cause there is so much to say about starting senior year, finally, on August 30, 2005.

But, before I can talk about my life, I feel it only natural to speak a tad bit on something worlds larger than me.


She already holds the distinction of the most money grubbing, gold digger female to ever step out of the Ocean Projects and cause havoc on sections of the USA, which in passing will affect the lot of americans.

I have watched every report on this subject till tears were no longer an option but a mandate. My soul is still not cleansed by the thought of people being displaced and the like.

I am already a bleeding heart, and this situation has taken the best of me.

I am doing all that I can do through my collegiate organizations to help in the efforts. You wouldn't believe what it takes to get a whole university to unite in the face of adversity. However, we are doing it after much debate. Yes, there was a debate, about how the monies would be divided among the students we are supporting that are about to attend our university.

To all of the residents and students in the affected towns, I say, God be with you for the long and the short, he has your back. The country is pouring out what the government cannot. We are starting to realize our own power. It is obviously not in the gov't, but rather, lies in the hearts of all that are bleeding for the people. That intuition can only come from GOD. He is present in the situation, and he is faithfully watching how his people are dealing with the situation, and he will bless those that are diligently trying to help in any way.

This post has out lived its subject. I will start my other news in another post. I am about to cry again. Too much emotion on this situation.
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