02 May 2006

Pursuing The Things You Love...

In February as I made my way back to Baltimore from my short stay in NYC, I was in Pennsylvania Station and there was a fair of African American wares of sorts.

I seen a man with African American art, and I stopped by his table, knowing that art that is influenced by things of our people interest me. It was there that I saw a picture of Maya Angelou, and the quote beside her said,"Pursue the things you love doing and do them so well, that people can't take their eyes off you."

There in that quote was I able to characterize everything that I was about to undergo as I continued to walk the road that led to my commencement from this University.

I, DIVO, am a musician. Music is my passion and my choice instrument is my heart and voice. I put that my heart is a principle instrument, because that is usually where the bulk of the energy for what I do comes from.

If one would have told me, that the things that I do as a singer were going to take me this far, about 10 years ago, I would have said "Yeah, I know." But, since the last couple of years I just didn't think it was possible to endure all that I did, and still be able to approach ever so carefully the threshold that leads to my success.

This past week as I celebrated my Senior Recital, I reminded friends and family of my endeavor to become greater than a legend of the school, I want to become a legend beyond my Alma Mater. It was on Thursday, April 27, 2006, that I made that dream a reality. As I prepared to floor the audience with standard classical repertoire and some Broadway tunes, I was clearly not prepared for everyone to get my messages so loud and clear. In this day and time, there are people that are daily applauding my accomplishments and telling me how much of an asset to their life that I am.

All, my life, I have lived under the lessons of Maya Angelou without knowing that she was the instructor, and with the premise of this quote in my heart, it makes everything that I do from now on seem BIG.

So, everyday I will continue to pursue the things I love, cause right now people have their eyes on me, and I am exuding a positive return.


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