31 October 2005

Ride On Rosa, Ride On!!!

In a brief, yet solemn service of remembrance and reflection, Sunday, October 30, 2005 will never be the same to me. I would never have thought that after learning of her death that I would play a part in creating an atmosphere for her life to be celebrated at the Rotunda in our nations Capital Building.

I will not boast of my accomplishment, but rather share the ambiance of the room, where the Mother of our Civil Rights Movement was the first of her kind to lay in state in our nations capital.

There were people that were escorted in to usher her in to the Rotunda. There were cameras everywhere. There were producers of the CNN show there to make sure that the television show ran smoothly. There were young and old, black and Caucasian. It was a sight to behold. Behold, I was a part of history. History was being made at that moment, and instead of being at home taking in history being made, I was a name to go down in history. My name may never be called, but my presence was there through and through.

I was asked by the local media, what it was like to sing for such an occasion? All I could think was that I grew up learning of the history of our people and Rosa Parks' contribution to the African American civil rights movement. Although the movement in sorts is not fully complete, she lived a life that exemplified service to humanity and even in death she is a trailblazer, a vehicle that sets the pace for our people. I was there to witness from the body being in route till it laid gracefully and valiantly on the platform for our view.

I would never have placed myself in the proximity of the casket to be able to utter the words of the song that I sang. I would never have imagined in my fondest dream that I would be honored to surprise the first lady of our nation with my unique voice. This day will forever be etched in the fabric of my life and in the mouths of my family griots until the lineage is complete.

Rosa Parks, the catalyst of the Civil Rights Movement, a gem for all to behold.

Rosa sat down, to stand up for what she believed in.

Ride on home Rosa, your journey is complete, stand up and be called blessed.

It was my honor to lift you on your way.

Ride On Home!!!

27 October 2005

Last Night I Had an Epiphany.....

Last night I had an Epiphany.

While I was talking to a friend that I have recently met. It dawned on me that people do really enjoy being a part of my life and I need not take it for granted that people care.

Recently, as I may have stated before, I have had a feeling of being inadequate to give and receive affection. I have recently had people that have disclosed to me their deeper feelings and I am glad. I had to draw it from them. In their words " I would rather show you how I feel in my daily actions, than to tell you and not live it."

With this I have a brother in my life that I can invite into my personal space, my inner sanctuary. He is a gem, I love being in his presence, and I love that we do not have to label something. Especially because we have not shared anything sexual, and have no current intentions to do so. He is just comfortable in my presence and I admire that.

We had an issue last week. After a long evening of cuddling, where I escaped my world of a thousand duties, I had to return to it, but, I was going to be late. We shared a very intimate two times, and I felt that he would misconstrue my intentions. Well, the next day he kind of flipped scripts on me, and told me that he was not ready to be in a relationship with me.

Well, needless to say we had a weird week since his disclosure of that information. But last night "We" had an epiphany, that we both enjoyed each others company, and that was the nature of our relationship. Not to be misunderstood for a commitment of exclusive dating. Hey, we are friends that can be there for one another. He compliments my sanctuary, and I balance him too. We are just cool like that.

We have vowed to each other to take things one day at a time. I also know that he is proned to wander to a female for refuge too. But, I am secure in our relationship because of the foundation that we are laying now. If we ever have any feelings beyond the platonic arrangement we have now, we are to be completely honest with one another.

I am writing this as a reminder to myself to accept what is natural, and not to force what is not for me to see yet.

No man can see the future, but, how we cherish our present dictates how to appreciate the gift of the future.

Ashe to my Santuary!!!!

23 October 2005

Any Given Sunday....

Sunday always begins a new week, depending on what culture you were raised in.

I have always looked to Sunday as the emmancipation of my bitter tears of last week, or the envelopment of the joy that I recieved in the week prior.

This Sunday isn't just ANY GIVEN SUNDAY....


Since September 25, 2005, I have been on a Roller Coaster ride of sorts. I have seen many good things happen to me and I have also watched things happen that I would hope to never happen again. I have gained people in my life I have lost things in my life.

I am always amazed at how I celebrate the good and not so good in my life. This time is of no difference. This Sunday can serve as a Joy and a Sorrow.

Homecoming Week at school went off without a hitch. I was able to do all of my activities and people actually enjoyed the way that I executed the events of the week.

My Whole week came to a grand pause, when I found out that my mentor Dr. Mildred R. McKinney, who had been the teacher and advisor to the Mr. & Miss Morgan State University Coronation, had passed.

She was my rock and strong tower. I owe the very life I have now to her, because it was her that was determined never to let me think of ill thoughts while I was being nursed back to health three years ago.

What makes it all strange is that I found out while doing something that we both worked on together for so long when I found out.

I haven't written on A Day In The Life lately cause it just seemed that a glimpse into my day would seem so obsolete. Until, I thought just how much this place really brings back my focus.

I have stayed away due to a low count in visitorship. I was determined to get back but my life just became easier to live than to type about.

Well, I am here to type it to myself if to no one else.

This SUNDAY is one where I reflect on all the wrong done to me in the last 30 days and all the right that was poured into me, and I will learn to accept both for their place in my growth.

This is not just ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, this is the day that I will relfect on things that I haven't thought about. This is a day to visit that person that I haven't visited. When I get there, they will see it out of the blue, but you will always know that this was my mission TODAY.
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