27 July 2006


I felt my chest poingnent with pain
as I rushed up the stairs to map out my fame
I couldn't feel my heart beat
I screamed my brothers name

Just a moment late I didn't feel that bad
so I walked to the campus doctor
just to see what I might have

When I got there it was as if all the wind
had been knocked from my chest

Then I digressed as the words that
came from the Dr.'s Mouth rang heavy in my chest.

You must go to the hospital now,
or you wont have long to live.

I check in at the hospital desk
I still have sporatic pain in my chest
I fill out papers, and cry out my eyes.
My Line brother seen all my pain inside.

I waited, I waited 7 Hours
did I say I cried.

Finally the Dr. came with a report

Pnuemonia it is....

Darkness fell across my face
as I started to envision my fate
I headed for a hospital bed
It had already been late

Bright and early I asked the Dr.
"How long do I have to Stay"
He said I don't know,
we are preparing you for xray.

I thought to myself what could the problem be
when later on that day what he said made my ears bleed.

The condition you suffer
is no usual attact
Your viral load is rocketing
and your t-cells are at lack
see the pnemonia is in both lungs
your health is bad off track

I am sulken in a daze
I can't think straight
I am always awake

Friends come
Friends go
People whisper
family bickers

July 28, 2003

I almost died today!!!


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