08 September 2005


Thank you to those that have awaited a post from me. I think that it is special to still have some folks out there that really care about what is going on in my life.

When I started this process, I never visioned that as I unfolded my life to people that I would become so connected to so many folks on here for one reason or another.

I thank all of the regulars that called, just to see what was going on with a brother.


The reason that the news flash is given is cause there is so much to say about starting senior year, finally, on August 30, 2005.

But, before I can talk about my life, I feel it only natural to speak a tad bit on something worlds larger than me.


She already holds the distinction of the most money grubbing, gold digger female to ever step out of the Ocean Projects and cause havoc on sections of the USA, which in passing will affect the lot of americans.

I have watched every report on this subject till tears were no longer an option but a mandate. My soul is still not cleansed by the thought of people being displaced and the like.

I am already a bleeding heart, and this situation has taken the best of me.

I am doing all that I can do through my collegiate organizations to help in the efforts. You wouldn't believe what it takes to get a whole university to unite in the face of adversity. However, we are doing it after much debate. Yes, there was a debate, about how the monies would be divided among the students we are supporting that are about to attend our university.

To all of the residents and students in the affected towns, I say, God be with you for the long and the short, he has your back. The country is pouring out what the government cannot. We are starting to realize our own power. It is obviously not in the gov't, but rather, lies in the hearts of all that are bleeding for the people. That intuition can only come from GOD. He is present in the situation, and he is faithfully watching how his people are dealing with the situation, and he will bless those that are diligently trying to help in any way.

This post has out lived its subject. I will start my other news in another post. I am about to cry again. Too much emotion on this situation.


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