17 August 2005

Circle of Life II, Shadow Land

Folks we are coming down to the last stretch of time with the Lion Kingers and I. The last multi-rehearsal weeks have paid off royally. The fullfillment that I have enjoyed as being apart of something so vast is radiating from me.

Monday nights performance of Pride & Praise was definately amazing. The thing that got me is that with so many folks together to put this show on I expected so much more stress, but from start to finish the evening was great.

What made the experiance better for me was that I was able to contribute in other ways than just singing with my choir, the Lion Kingers, and Mass Choir.

The show needed african drummers to go along with a Swahili piece that we were singing. They were literally looking, so I didn't really think that they needed suggestions. Well, I recieved a call on Sunday night, while at the movies watching Skeleton Key, and I was told to call my MD to tell him of a possible lead for drummers an associate had but he wasn't really sure. I told him that I could do better than that, I went and called some of my students of the Ensemble that I work for and asked if they could do it. I was a part of something and was able to remember and reccomend someone else. That is the good thing about having a good rapport with people, the LK folks trusted my judgement and my students did as well.

The best part of the day on Monday was when a gentleman in the LK'ers came in, he was a tad late and looking like he had a shitty day. I know, you might be thinking, why was it the best part of your day? But the thing is that the entire time he was trying to readjust his day. All through out the evening I was gently whispering a praise up in his proxy. I was asking GOD to bestowe the peace on him that I profess here on my blog at all times. Well, finally, I got to whisper it to him. It was the most profound moment of the evening. He got it, and his atmosphere changed. All I told him was that "We love you, and you have God's peace."

Fast Forward to the end of the evening, the cast member I will name God's Gift because he is a great talent that I cannot out like that, and I ended the evening together partially recalling our pasts. I immediately told him that we had to have been friends in another lifetime cause our dealings would not have been so extremely natural. We talked for a total of like four hours and it was deep, he talked about a relationship that he is in, and I talked about the fear of me never having one. We each complimented the others needs through comfort. I almost felt like that time in "Waiting to Exhale" when Bernie is in the arms of Wesley Snipes. Just breathing. I was so moved by all that transpired, that me as the emotional wind mill that I am, had to write about it. So here goes:

Recollection of God's Gift

Mystery is serious
because it is there
where you may relive
something that happend long ago

Like when two souls reaquaint
and emotion from each other permeates
there is just no question
that when we relive our past
that we can look forward to our future

My Nubian King
I remember you from
a time that isn't our own
could it have been
that we played together as children in Egypt
collecting precious stones from the NIle.

Could it be that we
were two of the three
brothers that were
saved from the fire

Could it be that you
were a Prince
and I were your help mate
or could I remember wrong
and it's the other way

I hear your name
and can relive our distant yesterday
It's a clearer recollection
that I am praying for today

Maybe it's unfair
to ask who we were then
But it just helps me to know
we are destined to be friends

In your presence
there is a peace
that covers both our hands
the aura as we look at each other
only we can understand

I am glad to have found you again
Its been a hard road
without my timeless friend
I look in to your eyes and wish
such beauty to never end.


Blogger As always... Rachael said...

hold up - did you enjoy skeleton key? I love KAte Hudson... but scary moveis don't turn me on... so I'm on the fence: to see or not to see...?

12:21 AM  
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