06 July 2005

He Speaks

If he gently speaks
to me in my quiet time
then certainly he's always speaking
But, am I listening

Have you ever taken the time
to watch the angels
that hover over
the lives of men & women
that GOD has charged them to protect

Is the world listening
to the sound of Gabriels Trumpet?
For its sound is Pianissimo in France,
while it's audience is in New York.

Through all the bustle
and fast pace
the gaudy jazz is being played
and yet quietly the trumpet is sounding

Go 'head to the Nabate's, Oscar's and Wynton's
of the world
Keep playing your Pianissimo
while your audience
calms to hear you
Let all that recognize your music
be called blessed

Let them rise to the occasion
let them sing with the angels
unaccompanied melody
Let them shout with a triumphant voice
Let their spirits leap in anticipation
of a new world, a spiritual utopia.

Where God, the Angels and Man,
are co-existers in the same state.
Where the commerce is always worship
and the common day faire is praise.

Be inspired as you hear
the still voice
in the far off land

Let it move you
Let it swell the breeze of a new freedom
let us finally be united in our quest
for GOD's affirmation.

Let us have our name
written in the "Book of LIFE"
Living Instructions For Eternity.

Let us prepare ourselves
for the never ending feast
Let us prepare for labor of love

Let us be at one
with the crescendo of Life
as the cause becomes greater
and moves from each land

From sea to sea.
When He Speaks, All Rise!


Blogger Quaheem said...

Ur writing conveys a mood...

A color....

A season...

I feel sentimental yet hopeful....

I feel.........I'mma definitely have to read this one again...cuz there is a lot packed in here...

but kudos....

9:39 PM  
Blogger Rahshek said...

That was truly powerful, just what I needed to end my day at work. I enjoy coming to your corner for inspiring words, words that will remain in my mind forever. Keep it coming.


3:47 PM  
Blogger Jai said...

Absolutely beautiful...I'm going to be re-reading this one for a hot minute...

10:21 PM  
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