17 June 2005

"I am the Teacher, You, Are the Student"

So as I dreamed all night how I would teach, such a beautiful recipe of the sweetest cream of masculinity wrapped up in God's own gift wrap for skin, I was late to my appointment to meet the man that I will call Simply Flawless.

I was asked by Simply Flawless to work with him with his vocal talents.
I mean, I didn't know a lot about him. One day he just walked up to me and asked me to give him lessons. He told me that he wanted to have someone work with him that wasn't going to bail out on him. I quickly told him that as a traveling artist who is focused on school and performances that it would be hard but I would try to make it work.

I didn't really think that he was being quite serious, since in the next second he was trying to get me to join his telephone service business. Suspect? At least I thought so. So I thought nothing of his request, only that it had been asked.

About a week later this 5'9", Honey-brown, full lips, and vision of extreme sensual ooze came to me and asked me with out hesitation: "When are we going to get together?" Ok. So my heart is in my timbs. I mean what straight boy in all of his manhood walks up to another dude that is pressumably gay and say that. But I thought no more about the question as I did the intention of it. He was really into asking me for something that he wanted and I was really trying to figure out how to accomodate him.

Well once again he asked me to give him voice lessons. I told him I didn't think that he was really serious, only because the last time he asked I gave him my number and he never called me. So I am busy thinking he changed his mind. He told me that he didn't call cause he was busy with his business thing but he was thinking of me to help him with his music thing. So I confirmed being able to give him some instruction. He asked me when, I wasn't quite sure. So he really quizzed me about what I did, and where I would be at during the summer. I told him my vast schedule of travels. I told him that I would be free after July 4th and that he could have me any time after that. Did I really just leave myself open for that. He never budged. Well, he persisted that I find a time before the 4th. So I told him I would get to him on Friday. Which leads me to, today.

Aiight, It's 12:15 and I was scheduled to meet with him at the music building at noon. Well I called him, some girl answered, I was over it in a hearbeat. I asked for him, he came on and said he was on his way.

So he gets there and he greets me with this cute hand wave. Which is funny to me, cause if you see a guy who looks like this wave at you as if he was gonna holla at you, you would be scared to. Butterflies. My Stomach. Oh, hell I have a lesson to teach.

Ok. without giving all the details. When teaching, I have to look directly at the student. His smile is heartwarming, and totally hypnotic. So in teaching him breathing excersises, I had to do what? Go and place my hand on his midsection to show him how to focus his breath through his diaphram. So the wonderful midsection( my fettish) was fabulous.

His singing is good. He has some tonality problems that he has to work with. But if he gets the right type of people behind him you may hear him on the radio, or see him on the tube.

I am so glad to be working with him, although I am intimidated by gorgeous men.

But I guess as he continues to flash his radiant smile.

I'm the teacher and he's the student.


Blogger Trent Jackson said...

Okay wow...
Finally I get to it...like days later.

I have been in a situation like this before...

"The Summer Fling..."
And never again will I do it!

1:23 PM  
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