01 June 2005

Why Angel Boy Divo

This is the story of how a mild mannered guy gets the name AngelBoyDivo.

When I was dating a girl in H.S. she always referred to me as Angelboy. Pretty much because she said that my singing and personality were very angelic to her. So I only reserved that for her use until other people started to catch on during the early years of my undergrad.

During my first 3 Sophomore years, (that is approximatley how long I was a sophomore) I met a Professor that was so amazed by my talent that she knew that she couldn't call me DIVA because of it's female connotation so she made up ( in her mind at least) DIVO.

When I was contemplating writing my own books of poetry I decided that I wanted to name it something snazzy, so I decided that I would name it The Diary of an Angel Boy Divo...

If you call me on my phone the # is 410 - - - DIVO. (You didn't really think I would leave the # did you. WHEW !!!

But if you are ever privileged to get the number and call and you don't reach me you will reach my service that will tell you that you have reached the Home of Angel Boy Divo Entertainment. Which is my way of keeping people abreast that I do run a business of music promotions.

Well that is the story it wasn't much but at least everyone knows where the name comes from.


Blogger Trent Jackson said...

You are too deep...

3:14 AM  
Blogger SmilingOnThaDL said...

Yeah, i was wondering where did you get the name from. Thanks!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Frank León Roberts said...

lol, now i know the inside story: that's whatsup!

5:53 PM  
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