19 May 2005

Chapter 1, Page 3

Ok. So I finally gave up on him calling until one day out of the blue I was working on another show I was producing and it was crunch time , an hour til the show, phone rings....

Hello?, Wassup?, How you been doing?
You Ok? Is everything fine with you? Can I see you?

Sure you can see me I have a show starting in about an hour if you come by the stage and tell them you are looking for me. They will let you back and I will talk to you after the show....

Aiight, so I am going to come. I will be there in like 2 hours.

Showtime: Ladies and Gentleman, Please welcome.......Thank you for coming good night.
No Him. Was I surprised? If you know me Hell No! If you just getting to know me the answer is still Hell No!

So another couple of weeks pass and I was a little concerned that maybe he lost his job or got evicted from his house cause his phone had been disconnected. So I make a ring to the posh job he has for the city.

Hello, Hey Boo Wassup? You know I have been missing you?
Really? How So?
I have been meaning to call you everyday, I just didn't know how to approach you.
I have been going through a lot of changes in my life and I didn't want to involve you in them. I hope you understand. But listen, I have to get back to work so I'll call you later.

Hey, I am really glad that you called me today, it showed me how much you cared. I just hope that I can make it up to you.
Well I just wanted to know if you were alive or dead. Whether you were homeless or jobless I just needed a goddamn reason for you not to call for two f*&king months. Now that I have called you, you are all non-chalant about being out of my life for so long. I have went through many changes without you.
Well, I didn't mean to make you mad and I deserve the bad attitude you have and I wish I could tell you all what went down but I can't.
So you don't trust someone that you want to be exclusive with, with your life alterating issues. Come on, I don't buy that. You are feeding me BS and you know I have dealt with it before and I wont, I repeat WON'T deal with it again.
Please watch out what you say to me. I can take your antic up until a breaking point and then I am going to be upset. (With a tone, like I ain't suppose to be mad.)
Ok, well since I might say something that might get you to your breaking point you can call me back later cause right now I am pissed. Please remember that I reserve the right not to answer the phone when you call.

About 4 Days.

Hello, Have you calmed down? Cause I aint bout to have you talk to me any ole kind of way.
Now let's just get together and try to work out our issues.
I will be more than happy to talk to you about your where abouts and your events of those two months that seem to have escaped your mind.
I was going through a lot of personal issues with lawyers and stuff. I had to be displaced for a minute. I had to move in with my mother I am so used to being the strong person in the relationship I couldn't provide for you what you needed at the time. I couldn't burden you with my issues.
I will say to that, that you know what I have been through in the last couple of years with heatlth failing issues, evictions and living place to place with no stability. I am more than capable of understanding, hell, I might even be able to coach you through some of it as a mate. But you didn't give me the chance to show you how much I believed in us. You simply told me in all but so many words that I was not worthy enough to see you in your downtime.
That hurts. I don't know how I can be with someone that doesn't value the power of relationship and the strength that comes from it.
I didn't know that you felt that way for me. I guess I am in the wrong. I guess one day I will be able to feel like I can fully tell you everything that went on. But right now I am just trying to get through it myself. But, I have to make a run, so will you please answer when I call this time.
My stance is still the same. I reserve the right to answer the phone when I want. I called you remember after 2 months of you not calling me. You owe that to me.

The Saga Continues....


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