19 May 2005

Chapter 1, Page 2

Ok. So I can finally tell a story that I have been thinking about telling for a long time.
Imagine, if you will, recieving a phone call in early November and the caller says:

Hello, Can I speak to Divo.
This is Divo speaking.
Wassup Man, I haven't talked to you in a long time. I found your number and thought that I would call you.

Ok So the gist is that he called and came outta nowhere and I thought WOW! this may be good for me.
So, I vaugely recalled that his birthday was coming up and gently left a message for him and singing him a birthday serenade.
He calls me back and says he wants to meet. I, I agree.

Later that night while I am at a fraternity event he calls me to tell me his is on his way. I tell him that I might be a little inaccessible cause I was the emcee for the program. He was still excited about coming, so he made his way.

When he got there I felt like new Wrigleys' Gum being pulled out of a wrapper. Just spanking new and sweet. After the program we took a brief 3am retreat to the docks that overlook Baltimore. It was there that he asked me, Where do you see yourself in a year? I replied, I would love to be finished school and on my way to graduate school. I also added that I might want to find someone that will love me for me and all of my flaws and someone that I could grow with and that would not hinder my progress. He then exclaimed to me that he was interested in being that someone but would like to take it one week at a time. It was there that we started our courtship.

My past relationship with this man ended very mysteriously. I could not at the time recall why he and I were not in the relationship that we started. I wasn't going to take the chance to find out, I was going to go with the flow for once. GUARD UP.

It was getting close to Thanksgiving and I was on my way back to the Big Apple for a slice of pie. The damn bus terminal here is to far away from anyones house, let alone mine, so I asked him to come pick me up from the terminal at 12:30am. He told me that he would be there. In the past I would not rely on a man to come get me from anywhere, I'd rather get there on my own, you know feel like I didn't need them as much. It was 1am and to the worse of my feelings he wasn't there. Then emerged from the darkness of the street a car that I thought looked vaugely familiar. It was him a little later than I had told him but he was there. Whew, close call almost strike 1.

December came and there were many different concerts that I had to attend being that I am a singer and all. So I was to sing with this HS choir that my frat brother conducts. I had to be there at 7pm so I called up ole boy and asked him to pick me up at 6:15pm you know I was only remembering that he has a tendency to be late.

It was 6:45pm and there was no him. I rapidly called some of my LB's (line brothers) and told them to come get me. I actually seen his car as we were driving down the street but he was late and I had somewhere to be. STRIKE 1.

After a great debate on whether I should have stayed and been late or leave him upset, we agreed that he could not be late when I had something important to do because my livelyhood depended on my promptness. Everything from there on was cool. Christmas came and I was out of school for a week or two and we were acting like two newly weds on a honeymoon. New Years I had to leave him for the weekend. I wasn't able to kiss him when the clock struck twelve but we felt each other from where we were.

On my return back from Memphis for New Years, I asked him to pick me up from the Airport. Now, in the back of my mind I was too afraid as to whether I would be left there alone and wondering how to get back. Well to my surprise he was there on time and had a kiss waiting for me when I got there. That night we went to a party being held by my church choir director. That was our first public gathering alone as a couple and it felt good. After we ditched the party with carry out drinks in hand we made our way over to Mount Vernon Stable. Dinner was great and I was starting to think maybe everything would be good in a year.

After that weekend my schedule was once again filled with school and then I was given the oppourtunity to play a role in "Aint' Misbehavin - The Fats Waller Musical Show." It was being sponsored by my fraternity chapter but I was actually asked to be in it by the production company that was putting the show together. So I had a lot on my plate, but through it all me and him talked every night about nothing and somethings and more nothings. He knew that I was tired and weary every night but I stayed up talking to him doing the relationship thing. I even let him come late at night to take me on midnite rendezvous.

Winter semester would soon be ending ALL A's. The show was two weeks from opening and I was selling tickets. I asked him how many he wanted. He really didn't know how many he wanted he just knew that he wanted to come and support "his baby." Well, about the night before the 1st show I told him you are really going to need a ticket, which show are you coming to. He answered that he wanted to come to the second show cause we would have warmed up to the stage. I guess he thought he knew.

Lights up second show, fabulous crowd and just before intermission NO HIM. Lights up second show second act, fabulous crowd and during bows, NO HIM. I was somewhat furious because I knew that he really wanted to be there and there was just something wrong. But, I had to keep my face on and love the waiting public. As the waiting public was gathering around me, down the hall he came with a friend. I guess I wouldn't have minded the friend if he were more open and looking half way apologetic. I looked at ole boy and asked him where he was and he looked at me and said "I wont tell you here, I can't tell you now." My director was calling for a wrap-up and I had to return the costumes back to the trunks and I had to leave ole boy. I told him that I would be back. When I returned there was no him. My friends said that he had returned to the hospital with his cousin. That was all I knew for that night. In Fact, that is all I was ever told.

Next day, day before Valentine's day the highlight of a couples year. I was still very upset about his not attending my show but I figured "hey accidents do happen." I was very swift to a reconciliation so I decided to go to OLIVE GARDEN for a Sunday dinner. It was there that we had conversation about his job and the things he wanted out of life. I taking cue from his job description took a point to tell him about a situation that I was dealing with. A former fling that was trying to nail me for his health status. I knew it wasn't me but I wanted ole boy to be in the know. He instantly got upset about me being with someone before him. Thinking that I was lying about my celebicy of 1 year. Dinner was over and we seemed to be fine. I payed the $60.00 bill and we went home. We agreed that for the next day(Valentine's Day) we would meet at 6pm to do dinner and go out.

Valentine's Day, I was all around town trying to make it a perfect day by purchasing little trinkets and lil' gifts. You know wanna keep ole boy on notice. Well, after my last Monday class. I grabbed all the stuff I purchased for him and took it home. I had and hour to get ready. While walking home I got a call, it was ole boy calling to say that he would be late by an hour. I was like ok. I went home taking my time to get ready pulling out the fine duds and getting in a hot shower and using the last of my MAMBO cologne. I was fully dressed it had been two hours and I was ready for him to get there. He calls, "I will be there at 9pm." Ok. So now I have to figure out what to do with my nerves for the next hour. I didn't want to eat cause we were going to a fine Italian restaurant just a step higher than OLIVE GARDEN. It was 9:45 there was no him. I had nothing to eat that night. I just waited for him to call. Stupid me. STRIKE 2.

He called me three, count them 1- 2 -3 days later. As if nothing had occured. He told me that he had to put some more work in at that job. I was fully upset and he wasn't listening to my reasoning or listening to my out pour of built up emotion. He just told me he would call me as soon as he could. I waited. Three, yeah go on and count them 1 - 2 - 3 more days later he called me and told me that he had to see me. I looked forward to it cause I was ready to be heard. I sat in his car and the first thing that he said to me was, "I am so happy to see you. I am glad that you understand my job and what I do." I quickly retorted, "I don't know where you get off not calling me for intervals of three days but that is not job related." Obviously he was not happy with that tone so he just said "Come on, give me a kiss and a hug that is no way to talk to someone that you haven't seen in a couple of days." We continued talking and I was telling him that I didn't think that he respected my feelings, and that I could not trust him. He came back at me telling me that he felt the same way since I told him about the dude that was trying to implicate me in his health scandal. So, I guess it was a really weird time in the car. I was determined to talk to him till he said that he had to go to get his aunt from work. (This was something that he often did late at night, that he would always get off the phone with me for. He was usually suppose to call me back after he took her home but it very rarely happend.) "I am going with you, I wanna meet this aunt." He let me ride along with him. All I know is that I waited in front of the damn building for about 2 hours with him running in and out. Finally, when I got home I felt like I knew why there was a problem, but I still had my suspicions.

We hadn't talked for 2 months after that situation. I guess we could have a couple of times. But all I knew was that he was having issues at home. I talked to him one morning and didn't talk to him again for two months.

This is the back story. The Current Events are to come.


Blogger SmilingOnThaDL said...

ok, new blogger... that was very detailed, lol! Damn, I was thinking something was up... Hope you ended up coming out on top

3:58 PM  
Blogger PMAKA said...

yo....I TOLD you that he ain' nothin' but a rat-nosed bastard who shoulda kissed the inner moist wet pink part of your a**. He ain' nothin' but trash like I told you, and now that he gained about 760 lbs...., he looks like a HEFTY trash bag....

11:46 PM  
Blogger Trent Jackson said...

LOL @ PMAKA LEAVE HIM ALONE...Don't settle for somoeone just because they are on you so tuff. Never make someone your priority when you are only their option.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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