31 May 2005

There's No Place Like Home

So, I clicked my heels three times and believed that I was there and within three hours of serenity from Baltimore to Newark, next stop New York Penn Station.

I called my mother at about 1:30am to let her know that I was on my way home when she said "Darrole, take a cab home. " Now I am not fond of taking cabs from one borough to the next but I thought it would be safer than traveling the train with bags. I kept looking at the meter $31.40, damn that was a martini. So I krept up the walkway to the building and called my mom on the phone. Within minutes I was in the Parkchester Apt. that I have come to know as home.

I was so eager to be in the city, and I would cherish every moment but I had to go to sleep.


Friday Morning:

I am making my way down to Fiorello H. LaGuardia H.S. to pay my Alumni Dues for my Reunion on June 11 -12 , 2005. I was so nostalgic as I rode the same train as I did when I was in High School. I felt gitty all of a sudden as if I was living a fantasy. I got off the train at 125th and Lexington. There who did I see? One of my classmates from elementary school. Damn, he was really tall and rugged looking, but he had always been that way. Actually, this man was partially responsible for my looking to men for consolation in the first. But I was glad to see him but I couldn't speak for a minute. I just couldn't believe that I was seeing someone that I haven't seen in 17 years. I mean it was funny. I finally spoke as we were getting off the train. He remembered me we talked for a minute and on to LaG it was.

LaG, the school that had given me a lot of my independence. Here I was to greet it once again. I felt all types of things as I walked in. I went to the Alumni office and paid my dues. Then I walked out looking for one of my teachers. I finally found him, so I sat in he classroom right next to him unknown to him. When he seen me he was plesantly pleased. I told him I was going to be in NYC for the weekend and where I was going to be singing on Sunday. I immediately made my way to Tavern on the Green for a 1:30pm lunch.

The last time that I attended Tavern on the Green I was a freshman in College coming back to sing for an affair for the Arthur Ashe Foundation. But here I found myself among my friends from Memphis, TN, and we were about to partake in a great dining experiance. I started off with a Ceasar salad, with Salmon Steak for an Entree and Chocolate Cake for dessert. I had been taking back by the taste of the Salmon. I was thoroughly blown away. It was a meal fit for a king and I was the recipient. Lunch lasted almost all afternoon until about 4. We retreated to the Westin Hotel in Times Square to see what else to do.

The TN folks needed to get some final trimmings for their tuxedos for Sunday so I took them to the fashion district and had them go to stores. Which, by the way, was the rest of my afternoon since I had to take them to every store that exisist.

I went to the Opera at my High School made me feel like I was a supportive alumni. The opera was great. It was something that was done while I was in school but I never attended because that was not something that I was into while I was in school. Well, the alumni director saw me and she started introducing me to faculty as the "95 graduate who never did a classical thing in school, who was now a classical countertenor." I was highly pissed. Even though I could see her point. There were reasons why I didn't do classical things. We were all taught the classical medium. I was top in my class for it. I was even invited into the class where the classical soloists were picked from. When I got in the class the teacher.Mrs. Ext, told the class that if we were in Gospel Chorus that we couldn't be in her class. I had a problem I was the director of that ensemble so I had to be in GC. Well, I had to leave solo voice and never had the chance to do it again because of my choice.

After the opera I went back to the Westin to look for my TN friends. I couldn't find the one that I was looking for so I made my way back to the Bronx.



Very easy. I went to Westin at about 4 and I seen a fraternity brother walking down the escalator. I never expected to meet a Sinfonian in midtown but I did.

I then waited for my brother to come from Brooklyn so that I could go to the movies. During my wait I found my TN friend and we went to the Villiage for Lunch. I was on my way to Tiffany's. When I seen cloudy windows and a sign that read "Space for Rent" I was blown away. Tiffany's had been the place that I came to love in NYC. Especially for my long Village nights. I digress. We walked to another place and got some food. I wasn't half as good but I guess it would have to do.

Waited for my brother to get to the city. I was taking one of my young TN ladies out. You know 18yo want everything... We went to the Hershey Store in Times Square. It started raining and so after we made our purchases to the hotel we ran. With my great mane of hair getting drenched.

My brother arrived and we made our way to the movie theater that I had no Idea was connected to the Hotel. We went to see Unleashed. Man that was a powerful movie with a powerful message. After we went to a quaint bar on 7th ave for some drinks. After four Cranberry and Grey Goose. I was on my way to Christopher street for some more nostalgia.

I was amazed to see how the young kids had taken over the Village. I guess they did like we used to do when I was younger. Try to hang out with the older crowd. I was tired but I was hanging with my brother it was 2am and time to go home. So I walked through NYU and made my way to Astor place took the train and home I went.


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