25 May 2005

Rejoice....and Again I say Rejoice

I didn't really have a lot of faith in myself and my Biology class this year. I mean I out right just didn't get to class on time. For you bloggers that understand 8am class, well that is the thought. I just really didn't want to be in the class at that time in the morning.

Ok. So I took all of her tests in the beginning of the semester and I got like 55's but she also gave extra credit, so it made those grades a 75 and 65. I was good at midterm I had a "C ." All was good, and I vowed that I would do better about attending the class at 8am. Look at your neighbor and ask "did he do better at making it to an 8am class." Well I can save you the trouble of asking, I just didn't. I mean during the second half of the semester I had made 2 trips one to Houston, TX and another to Richmond, VA. I was tired for two weeks straight.

So the third test comes up in the class and I miss it completely. I mean I didn't study for it so I missed it. So I asked her if I could make it up. She said I could. But I had to take an oral test at the end of the semester. You'd think that I had learned my lesson. Hell No. I even was late to test #4 and I didn't bring the proper extra credit with me so I knew that I was Fucked. (Ok please bloggers.com don't take my page away for one profane word)

Aiight so all in all I took both tests as a make up. It was the hardest freaking test that I had ever taken that I had not studied for. After I turned in my paper she told me that my final was on Wed. I came in on Wed. bright and early and she said " you know your final is not today right. You can take it now but it's on Friday at 12noon." I wanted to strangle her for telling me that after I had taken NoDoze to stay up long enough to go to class at 7:45am.

Ok, so I had three extra days to study. Do you think that is what I did? Hell No. Cause I decided that I was going to fail BIOLOGY 101 and that I was going to ace my French 102 final.
Aight, so here it is BIO final 12noon. Duration one hour, approximately 99 questions.

I was done. I didn't feel to hurt. But I damn sure knew I wasn't going to pass BIO. And if I did it would be with a graceful "D."

Aiight here is the Climax. Yesterday, Tuesday May 24, 2005 I looked at my grades and when I looked at the Bio Grade I was looking for a "F" or a "D" so where in the hell did the "C" come from. I immediately went dancing around the computer lab.

All I asked God was that he enabled me to pass my classes so that I could Graduate in MAY of 2006.

Blessing Granted.

So I am Rejoicing in the lord ALWAYS, and again I say REJOICE!!!!


Blogger SmilingOnThaDL said...

I didn't read your post yet.. cause i'm heading out the office.. but thats my song, "Rejoice in the lord always, again I say, again I say Rejoice." Da da da.. my joint, lol.. peace

8:09 PM  
Blogger NATHAN "SEVEN" SCOTT said...

"Rejoice in the lord always, again I say, again I say Rejoice." --- we used to sing this song at camp. thanks for the reminder. i needed to sing that this morning to get me out of a rut that i was starting to fall into. now you get to crackin so that in may 2006 we can say congratulations!

7:49 AM  
Blogger ShawnQt said...

Biology has always been a hard azz class since I remember. I would rejoice everytime I got a D in Biology, that means I passed! lol. Don't get me wrong, I studied my azz off, but you have to be exact, and to me it seem like there are a lot of trick questions on those tests... in any case, Congrats.

Thanks for coming by my blog by the way.

7:46 PM  
Anonymous Foruonly3740 said...

"Great is Gods Faithfulness" everyday He proves himself to us along with blessing us with everything we need u needed a "d" to pass he blessed you with a "c". one day i needed a friend who was going through what i was going through and God sent me you, and truly i have seen "new mercys" Be Blessed!!!!

9:53 PM  
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