20 May 2005

Chapter 1, Page 4

He calls me a couple of days ago. His Message read like this.

Divo, answer the phone, I really need you to pick up the phone, DON'T CHALLANGE ME, pick up the phone. When you get this message call me back. Better yet, as soon as you get this message you are going to call me back.

I am not very good at taking threats due to former relationships. So I never ever need a man to tell me what I aught to do when he selectively didn't call me for two months. Now, I am suppose to jump when he says jump. Hell no, the DIVO is too damn dignified for that.
I immediately started playing the message to my frat bro's knowing that they would like what they heard. The general consensus was that he needed his arse whipped. I surely left him a message about an hour later. After listening to the greeting on his answering service that said "If you would be so KIND to leave your name.... (you get the point), I left a message saying,

Greetings and Good Evening, I will not be kind about anything, I don't know who CHALLENGED you but it surely wasn't me. So when you have changed your tone and come down to the earthly atmosphere don't hesitate to call. By the way I don't do threats. So you just call me when your schedule allows. We'll see what happens from there. CLICK!!!

Ok. So maybe I was a little to harsh. But who cares that n**a has been testing my nerve for some days and that really made me hit my boiling point. My frat bro's were very supportive. I don't always talk to them about my personal social life. It doesn't need to exist in my relationship with them. Yea, they know I am gay. I am the only real openly gay bruh in my chapter. But all in all they were ready to go to war for my cause. That is what brotherhood is all about.

He just called me on Wed. I was definately waiting on his call. When I answered the phone. I was very calm, cool and collected.

So wassup, you done with your attitude.
I guess that is all up to whether or not you have come back to reality.
Well you are the one that was challenging me. I have been trying to talk to you for the past couple of weeks and you have been brushing me off.
I told you that I was not always going to answer the phone I reserve that right. I mean I even called you and left you messages and you didn't return those expeditiously so what did you want me to do jump at your beck and call. You need to wake up and face reality.
So that is how it's gonna be. You wanna take it there, huh. Well, I see you like to play games.
Nah, the games are being played by you. FYI, I gave your number to my LB(line brother) that is a officer and he knows where you live so it's on record that you threatened me. Anymore where that came from and it's over.
*Tune Change* So why you have to go and do that? You think I would actually hurt you? That was not my intention. You shouldn't think that way of me. I just wanted to get your attention and let you know that I still cared for you.

So I will spare the full conversation but you generally understand that things weren't peachy. I was very distinct in what I was saying and he thought that I was putting on for my bruhs. I basically told him that he knew from the beginning that I was a strong personality. I say the truth. That was what he liked about me, but obviously not now.

He finally said "so you really want to end this". I replied "I have been trying to express that sentiment from day one when I called you after all those months. You finally got it."

He basically was like where do we go from here. I said "I don't mind you being a friend down the line but right now I need to regroup"

End of Chapter 1


Blogger Frank León Roberts said...

A LAGUARIA graduate? And 27 years old? Let me find out that you went to school the same time as AMERICAN IDOL'S MARIO VASQUEZ! Some of us Jersey kids were always jealous of the LAGUARDIA gang, as we could not qualify for admission because we lived outside of the 5 Boroughs! I tell ya--it's haunted me for life! (lol).

Great reads under your "favorite books" section...holla!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Rashid @ Old Gold Soul said...

This guy is fucking psycho. Please don't talk to him anymore -- he's scary to me. (Your LB's remind me of one of my LB's....I'll tell you a brief story later.)

9:47 PM  
Blogger SmilingOnThaDL said...

Man, I hate the game!

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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