16 June 2005

Why I Sing

This thing we have
is like heaven to me
I'm feeling so high like a kite
you really have me on a string

When you whisper sweet hellos
straight from your lips to my heart they go
and then from there I feel like opening up
but all I can think of saying is:

Beautiful creature that God has given to me
you've got to be blind if you don't know
what you really done for me.

But before you close your eyes
and before you go to sleep
Can I kiss you boo on the small of your neck
and caress your back while I sing.

Even as you lay here
in the middle of the night
You are a rainbow of perfection
cause your colors are so bright
So while you are sleeping
if you don't mind
I 'm going to write to you how I feel
and sing you a lullabye.

Baby you don't know
what you've done for me
How the glaze of your eyes
are like heaven to me
Baby you don't know
what you've done for me
You're the reason why I sing.



Blogger Stone said...

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4:24 PM  
Blogger Stone said...

its the power of the spoken word that makes things come to pass. we are god-men in his image and likeness all we have to do is speck it and it comes to pass. Love your words you keep on sining.
"Only happy people sing"

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »

9:05 PM  

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