05 June 2005

Everlasting Love

Where there is grief, there will be hope
And if ever a hand is in need,know that I'll be holdin' on
Know that the peace that comes from above
is the same everlasting love

Remember me whenever you're all alone
And if it helps you to sleep know that I'll be looking on
Know that the peace that you dream of
is the same everlasting love

I remember a time I couldn't close my eyes
I would lie awake dispairin'don't know how many nights
Afraid of death that my chest would give way to the fear
Pulled the covers over my head and I cupped my ears

In attempt to escape the deafening sounds of silence
In attempt to escape these constant visions of violence
and with death as close as it could possibly get
heard a voice in the distance sayin' Kenny not yet

I came prepared, to lift my voice, to sing and shout, to cry, to moan, to uplift the name of God.
I was not ashamed. I will never be ashamed I have been through too much to not praise. I have so much to recall that the only that I can do is submit.

Saturday, June 4, 2005 was the continued blessing that I had been praying for. CeCe Winans. Just the thought of saying the name of a woman that has so willingly allowed her audiences to be ushered into the "Throne Room" of God.

My life has been made brand new. I am a creature that is chosen by God to do a work. I am continuously reminded of my assignment. Even when I don't know that I am on my task I am constantly reminded.

As I attended, what I knew wouldn't be a concert, I let all my cares go and allowed myself to focus on all that God has and is continuing to do in my life. As CeCe continued to breath words of comfort and grace on the audience, all I could feel was the ever increasing embrace of the Holy Spirit. I was washed completely in the love that I sing about. For once, I wasn't singing, I was being ministered to, in song.

I will not hold back here. This is a "Chronicle" of my lifes events. I can make no excuses. All that I can say is that I am blessed. Better than I need to be. Better than I deserve.

I have been a recipient of Gods "Everlasting Love"


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