13 June 2005

The Winner for "Host With The Most" Goes To!!!!!!!

Some call him Nathan, Some call him Seven, Some might not have figured out what to call him yet, but if you wanna know who has it, and by the looks of things, ain't gonna lose then you have come to the right place.

Ladies and Gentleman,

When one comes to NYC he need look no further than the future of entertainment himself Got Nathan, "The Host with the Most." I spent two wonderful evenings in this brothers effervescence. Surely I had not met him before our meeting on Friday so I hit him with the most corny pick up line like : "I see you have a seven on your shirt, you must have a thing for the # 7." Well, at least that got me to know who he was.

You can definately find this brother with great energy and an a smile to boot.

He will work a room with pizazz. Make sure you're looking good cause he will make sure that if you are at the function that it will be documented for him, as he carries his trusty digi-cam.

Friday was nothing but a mere movie screening that he invited me too. It wasn't his event so to speak but you couldn't tell me that, cause all the people that were there had some sort of tie to him. Eery, not the least he's just loved that way.

I thank him for introducing me to the gentleman that I will call Gucci. It was Seven that encouraged Gucci and I to go uptown for the Black Mens Exchange (BMX) Discussion.
Hey Nathan if you hadn't sent me uptown I would not have gotten a chance to get information about my first BF. (kisses to you)

STUDIO 7 @ Luke & Leroys.................

When I tell you that Miami may have been hot on Sunday, but Miami didn't have anything on Studio 7 on Sunday.

When I got there I knew I was early. I am not social like that anymore. But, I knew it would be great. I delved right in to order my first drink. You know you are at a great social bar when you see a scortchin hot bartender and you forget your own regular drink.

Ok, So the drink was off the chainz, but I had to get something to eat. You know to keep up the endurance.

So, I arrive back to L&L and to my surprise a full house, damn and it's only like 8:30pm. I see all of NY finest. Now it would mean a lot to me especially since I don't get to see them all the time.

From the time I walked into the door there he was "The Host With The Most" just making his rounds. Dj was blazin hot on the 1's and 2's ( do you still call it that when they dj with cd's. ) Aight bump it.

Then I hear all of this laughter as folks are reading a piece of paper being passed aroung by a dude named Cordell ( ah ha I figured it out after like 2 hours). It was a game that Cordell brang with him called 20 Questions where you had to find 20 different people that fit the description of the questions that were asked. You had to get 20 different signatures. Which would mean, you betta have been social or you weren't getting your paper filled out.

Sample Questions:

7. Who would you like to have a threesome with?
10. Who do you think you are going to have sex with?

My all time favorite:

15. Who do you think would turn you out?

Not to mention the questions like:

16. Who do you think has a big dick?

So the atmosphere was definately off the Hizzy for Sheezy.

Outside HOT!!!! Inside HOTTA!!! so to sum it all up Studio 7 is HOTTATTA!!!

So all of you folks that are traveling to the Mecca of all Prides in NYC. Will definately regret not showing up at 21 7th Ave.

That is all for my field reporting.

Till next time remember,

Life is what you put into it, when we live it to our fullest, our reward is limitless.

I'm out.


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