27 June 2005

I'll be Home.... If only in my Dreams!

Protocol given I have to give much respect to everything I felt this weekend.
It was a wonderful weekend filled with Soul Food, Good Folks, and fun.

I had some major disappointments. Some were family related, some were just me going plain ole' Divo crazy.

I have a weeks worth of posts coming, so be gentle. Each comment will reflect a different aspect of my weekend.

So I will start with a piece called:


The events of my weekend were good. However there was this feeling that I had. The best way to express this feeling is through an old 1961 film I saw this weekend entitled: "Tammy Tell me True".

The main character is a girl reared on a shanty-boat called the L&B. She docks into a town where she might find an education. She wants to learn Public Speaking and Current Events.

She, being raised on the river, was not in sync with the status quo. Matter of fact her speech was that of an old southern or Elizabethan style.

She experianced so much joy among the people that she met. She was responsible for changing the viewpoint of many people in the town. A downside is that she experianced a great deal of ridicule from her classmates for being different and aloof. They didn't open up and recieve her until she came right out and told them about their ways.

"Divo, Tell me True"
I have been out of touch with the SGL life status quo. I apologize for not seeming to fit in as a piece of your puzzle. It was my selfish wish to aquaint myself with folks that could help reignite my soul for a lifestyle that I once lived.

This entry isn't to slander anyone, you should know me better that. However, I learned somewhere that whispers exert an identical property as talking. Which means that they both cause a vibration, sound waves that can be heard through reverbaration. Be careful, when you whisper, it causes the person you are whispering about to hear what you are saying full and clear.

I know remember why I somewhat hid myself away from this lifestyle and it's relations. I am afraid of us and our vices.

I would not commence praise on the weekend until I bared my soul.


I regain my composure and recollect my peace.


Blogger Stone said...

I know its the low voices that cause the most damage at times but you are bigger than that. No need to hide yourself because the people with the louder voices who are not afraid to express how they feel cares for you. "if they are not man enough to say it to your face then they not men they are mice and this city has a lot of rats".

11:59 PM  
Blogger Rahshek said...

And you have such a great voice, therefore you should continue to let it be heard. People will remain on the attack with negative vices, but you as the positive one can change the world.

8:31 AM  
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