11 July 2005

Touch Me

Touch me with your
penetrable language
the dialect of
sensitive words
that permeate my heart

Pour into me
the drops of your
insatiable alphabet
and fill me like
a basin with
roses as metaphors

Make me translate
your every rhythmic tone
as we listen to the
soundtrack of our midnight rendezvous

Create for me an
erection of similies
and pun after pun
make me
come to grips with
my understanding of
our sublime and subconscious

Communicate with me
in any way
but sexually

Sex is a game
we don't have to play
cause we play with words
and they don't have an ending
there is no limit to their possibilities.

They can be placed anywhere
They can be comfortable in any position
they can never die
and their sensation will always
live on Forever!

You can interpret then
in so many ways
and always be fulfilled

Touch me
A to Z

Tell me
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Touch me



Blogger Trent Jackson said...


5:07 AM  
Blogger Stone said...

GAWD DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the damn thing. that was HOT right Da're

12:19 PM  
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