09 August 2005

Mind with a Body or a Body with a Mind—Which Are You?

I read this article By AJ Jackson last weekend. I was so touched that I had to reply, because there was so much truth and healing in the words that he wrote. I implore you to read and be blessed this has been on my mind in the last couple of days.

There are others subjects that I would like to touch on, but this one is the one on my mind right now. ENJOY!

From the moment we come to this earth kicking and screaming like we want to return from where we came from, everyone is granted with three priceless gifts. Mind, Body & Soul. After that momentous occasion in our life and time progresses, these three gifts afforded to us holds hand with growth and takes us on a journey through life. As newborns, our BODY seems to grow the most. During the infant stage, growth of the BODY is coupled with the MIND to embark upon new discoveries. Past the infantile stage our SOUL begins its growth through the teachings of values and morals from those we trust and who are closest to us.

Now let’s fast forward from your dramatic birth to this very moment. Compared to your growth from that day, how is your growth today? Body? Are you pursuing the goal of losing a few pounds before the “BIG PARTY” next month so you can fit in those tastefully tight jeans? What about Soul? Attending church services and having personal meditation time so that your soul is fed? What about MIND? Are you pursuing that degree in the field of study that you love or striving to be the best in your career? Ok, so let me pose one question to you. Of these three gifts that were afforded to you, which do you feel is the most important? Before you take the escape route and say, “well all of them are equally important,” I will say that I agree with you to a certain extent. However, there is one that affects the others whether it is beneficial or detrimental. If you guessed MIND, you guessed right.

As I mentioned before, during the infant stage the growth of the BODY is coupled with MIND. Just take a look at some infants around you. When they reach for that hot stove, you scream “DON’T TOUCH THAT! ITS HOT! At that time, the infant may not understand what you are saying or why you are saying it. However, after a few screams, a successful touch of the stove, and a nasty red blister, the BODY communicates to the MIND that touching the HOT stove is not a great idea. What about your job, where you attend school, or even what you ate for dinner last night? How did you make those choices? Your SOUL? Your BODY? Or your MIND?

There are many different ways one can look at it. A lot of the choices that are made in life are a direct result of a decision made by the Mind. Given that fact, why does it seem like the BODY is the presiding force in our lives? How is the BODY leading the MIND? Let’s look at a few examples.

“We’ll I know my doctor told me to slow down on all the greasy foods, but this deep fried chicken won’t hurt me. This food is too good to be missing out.”

Or what about, “He is not only fine he is P-H-Y-N-E fine, so I can go without using protection this one time. I gotta have that!”

For some of you, these may be drastic examples. The truth is that these types of personal declarations go on everyday. They can be found in you, your companion, your closest friends, and family members. This is the life of having a Body with a mind.

A BODY with a MIND is simple. Without sufficient thought, the BODY seeks to satisfy certain needs, ,desires and dictate how they will be met. Now let’s look at the real world. Do you know someone who is going to work day after day, yet they hate their job? This is the BODY leading the MIND. How about someone who is living in the hell of a verbally and physically abusive relationship, yet they will not leave because the sex is good or they feel no one will want them? This is the BODY leading the MIND. And how about that person who knows they are HIV positive, yet chooses not to tell their intimate partners? This is the BODY leading the MIND. Living a life like this can be a danger to not only the fellow gifts (Mind & Soul) it can also affect the gifts of those who surround them. This state of living announces to the world that this person is a BODY not using, but simply housing the MIND.

Let’s now look at the person who is a MIND with a BODY. What is a MIND with a BODY? A MIND with a BODY is someone who realizes the power and the strength of their MIND. Not only do they realize this, but they allow the MIND to be the ever present driving force in their life. A few examples;

“I do not like my current state of health so I have DECIDED to follow my doctor’s instructions and lay off the grease. Life is way more important than eating at the greasy spoon.”

Or “Don’t get me wrong, you fine and I mean P-H-Y-N-E fine, but one night without protection, can make the rest of my nights sorrowful. I love myself way more than that!”

Just as there are those who decide to allow the BODY to lead the MIND, there are an increasing number of those who are allowing the MIND to lead the BODY.

You have probably heard sayings like, “So a man thinketh, so is he,” or “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” I will admit, for some time I thought these were clichés to either get me to do better or I knew that someone was getting ready to hit me up for some money for a college fundraiser. But being a BODY with a MIND, I have learned in some undesirable ways, that life can be burdensome, depressing, and just downright disgusting at times. But one day I decided I wanted to be a MIND with a BODY. This decision was evoked after experiencing a relationship that was not only verbally and physically abusive, it ate away at the threads of my emotions and spirit. Because I knew this was a relationship that I simply got use to, I fell into the BODY leading the MIND state. Coming home to someone, having dinner ready and on the table after I got off work, attempting to satisfy the need of being with someone else, I, the BODY with a MIND stayed. But when I knew I could be and have better, my MIND began the transition of taking the lead. The first step? Deciding and believing I could be and have better. When I allowed the MIND to lead the BODY, I withdrew myself from that situation and my life changed. I remember thinking to myself, “You mean to tell me, if I decide in my MIND, that I want to be, do, or become anything I want, it will happen?” That question is now my statement of affirmation. Instead of asking “if”, I now say “when.” Instead of saying “want”, I now say “will.” And today brothers and sisters, I can write these words and say I am a MIND with a BODY. My MIND determines where I am going and what I am going to do. And in that, my body automatically follows. What’s the best thing about it? When it is something you want to do, a dream you want to accomplish, though it may seem really hard and unconceivable, if your MIND can see it, you better believe you can achieve it.

Just do me one favor. When you finish reading this I ask that you take at least this one thing with you. Realization. Realize that you can do it. If you make up in your MIND you want to, it will happen. No matter what it is. If you want to lose 50 pounds, want that loving relationship, want to earn the income you know you deserve, or you want to beat that sickness that some think may take you out, make up in your MIND that you want it. And when you do, the BODY will have no other choice but to follow.

MIND with a BODY or BODY with a MIND—Which are you? Better yet, which do you want to be?

AJ Jackson


Blogger ShawnQt said...

The Article was very interesting, but I beleive just being a MIND over BODY is not enough... It's all about how mature is the mind. One can rationlize any situation and make it ok, even though it may not be. We create rights and wrongs, and change them over and over again to fulfill what we want and need. It's great to have MIND over BODY, but we need to get our MIND right, so the body can fall into place.

Another Question... what would the SOUL need in life? What is its purpose?

11:51 AM  
Blogger KneeDeep said...

Glad that you put this post out, I would have not read the article if it were not for you...Thanks also for hitting my spot.

1:34 PM  
Blogger KneeDeep said...

Thanks for your comments, and don't forget to let me know about your Chicago trip!!!


11:32 AM  
Blogger ProfessorGQ said...

AJ is my guy, and I love his article. Thanks for posting his article on your site.

When I first read the article, I realized for the first time that how the body and the mind really interact with each other and how one controls the other...I just hope that my SGL brothas keep both body and mind in check.

Check out my blog.

Chicago, IL

9:19 PM  
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